“Dancing seems a promising intervention for both improving balance and brain structure in the elderly. It combines aerobic fitness, sensory awareness, motor skills and cognitive demands while at the same time the risk of injuries is low.”

-Front. Hum. Neurosci., 15 June 2017

There’s a great story from the UK about seniors attending “Tea Party Raves.” Starting at 2PM in the afternoon, this nightclub for the Elderly have people dancing to pounding 50’s rockabilly and having a blast.

“What we’re doing is really an anti-loneliness campaign presented as a club event. A lot of our guests maybe don’t get out as much as they once did and don’t see friends as often. Well, this provides a unique way to do both, while also being part of something that’s vibrant and exciting.”

Apparently it’s the only rave in history where people had to go home because they forgot to take their drugs.

Thinking it’s time for your home to ‘shake a tail feather?’

Gather your folks, pour some cocktails and move those hips to Art Your Service’s 50’s Rockabilly Spotify playlist.

Find it HERE.

Stay tuned for Art Your Service’s new program: “Teen Dream.”

It’s gonna bring back all those memories for the first generation ever to be called


We’re talking jukeboxes, earth angels, cold wars and the birth of Rock n Roll.

Whoa, Daddy-O!

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