I'm Jen Tindall,

Owner and Programmer of Art Your Service.

I built this business to address the loneliness and isolation many seniors are experiencing every day during this pandemic; understanding the urgent need for innovative easy-to-access virtual programs that will not break the budget.

With a history with working with seniors and in arts programming, Virtual Classes & Socials for Seniors was a natural fit given the current situation.

Not only do seniors benefit from our programming, but caregivers reap the rewards as well. Senior Centres across Ontario are also finding the service fits nicely into their mandates by keeping their seniors connected from home with each other - and also the centre itself.  As it’s affordable, some are using the service to augment their current offerings and others are using the service exclusively for their virtual programming.

Centres like Ramara, Town of Pelham, Prince Edward County and Atikokan have come on - and the feedback has been amazing!

Mission & Vision

Art Your Service creates meaningful programs and experiences for seniors. We believe that people have not just "lived" interesting lives, but are still very much "living" them and should be treated as such. Our programs are designed to engage and inspire seniors - and those who love them, too!

We would like to thank our Community Partners!

What Our Clients Are Saying...

"This is my first week joining the activities offered by Art Your Service. I really enjoyed it. The writing exercises on Monday, the painting, the chair yoga and the music therapy. Thank you very much!"