I was invited back to do the Oshawa Senior Citizens Centre’s specialized day program for another round of TimeSlips.

TimeSlips opens storytelling to everyone by replacing the pressure to remember with the freedom to imagine.

You can find out more about them here: www.timeslips.org

The same crowd of about 20 folks suffering from dementia joined me for the this workshop. This time we used a static picture to conjure a story aptly named: “A Day of Fun and Games.”

I used a picture prompt that I’m using in the new program, Teen Dream. The program works on the fact that as people age, they remember their youth the best. During the storytelling people reminisced, laughed and created a new story about roller skating and rock n’roll. I think it sounds like a poem from the Beat Generation. What do you think?

It may help to snap your fingers while you read it out loud…

A Day of Fun and Games

Hot Cross Buns!
Red Roller Skates
Some 45 Records and the floor is the worst.
A Man called Sefi who owns these roller skates? He got them for a penny.
He likes to make trains while roller skating in the arena.
Rubble on the road is the worst,
Young and the Restless.
This is happening now and in 1960.
The records are “Come Dance with Me,”
Sounds like my father.
Canadian Skates in NYC in Central Park,
There’s 15 roller skaters in a train.
Sefi got them from his brother, Raffi.
He owns those records.
The train disbands and they all go to lunch at the Yellow Arches-
For cheese burgers and Big Macs,
Golden Arches.

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