I used to think Gratitude Training was hokey.

Then I tried it. Really tried it. I wrote about it, thought about it. I searched and found it everywhere, and in abundance.

And guess what?

I felt better.

Did you know that just searching for things to be grateful for can make you instantly happier?

Science is a beautiful thing (insert gratitude for science here.)

Benefits of Gratitude Training:


• Stronger immune systems • Less bothered by aches and pains • Lower blood pressure • Exercise more and take better care of their health • Sleep longer and feel more refreshed upon waking


• Higher levels of positive emotions • More alert, alive, and awake • More joy and pleasure • More optimism and happiness • More helpful, generous, and compassionate • More forgiving • More outgoing • Feel less lonely and isolated.

Could you use a little of those benefits? How about the people you care for?

Why does it not come easy to us? Why do we need to cultivate it?

Science: We are wired for negativity because our ancestors needed warning signs to ascertain if a place we were entering was unsafe.

That’s why it’s easy to walk into a random room and say “why is this house so warm?” “why is this place so loud?”

“why is it so cold?” “Why is it too darn quiet in here?”

Our ancestors had to quickly assess immediate dangers so we could run like hell if need be.

And that’s how we are still here (thanks, ancestors!)

But now we can chill a bit about the woolly mammoth.

The next time you notice yourself going to the “dark side” think about the rug under you. The roof over you.

Take a deep breath (because you can) and then let it out (because you can) and look around anew at the abundance of it all.

What an amazing gift.

Good, yeah?

Thanks for reading.

Art Your Service,


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