Spent an intimate night in the Bowery House here in NYC.

Originally built for returning soldiers, it has gentrified from flophouse into a hopeful hipster hostel. Boasting big thread counts and Italian marble, dorm-like, we share bathrooms and a latticed ceiling. You can hear all the things. Too many of the things.

Luckily, they supply ear plugs.

Noted today:

Old Age is new. If this was 1900 I’d be dead, because in the last 100 years we have gained, on average, 30 years in life expectancy.

Alzheimer’s patients? So much depends on storage and retrieval.

Meaningful encounters with art changes your brain structure.

Cultivate gratitude. It helps.

I am so delighted and yes, grateful, to be part of the Creative Aging Training Institute at University Settlement. The cockroach in the shower — the size of a small dog— and the dude last night who yelled “gotcha!” in his sleep every hour, on the hour, they are mere NYC anecdotes at this point.

Tommy and Joey and Dee Dee and me are gonna attempt some creative sleep now.

Bower-ing out!


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