June 5, 2020


  • I don’t know about you but those Belugas on the live cam always have a smile for me.
  • And listen to this amazing whale music from some Humpbacks as they whale around in the South-West Pacific.


  • Hello Dollly! and Linda, and Emmy-Lou! Their careers took off in the 1970s with very distinct takes on country music. The ladies ended up collaborating on 1987’s four-million-selling debut album, Trio. Here’s a documentary all about it.
  • Cool!  LongShots, a  free virtual film festival from the BBC showcases the most exciting emerging documentary filmmakers around the world. You can watch all the shortlisted films here, and vote for your favourite!


  • In the NHL, Wayne Gretzky holds or shares 61 records, but there is one record he never achieved – points in a game. Here is a look at that record-holder, Toronto Maple Leaf Darryl Sittler, who scored 10 points against Don Cherry’s Boston Bruins on February 7, 1976.  


  • The Great Smoky Mountains’ famous fireflies are online! Learn about fireflies and then sit back and enjoy a collection of stunning footage of synchronous and other firefly species from the Smokies and beyond, set to the relaxing sounds of nature. Watch it here.


  • While the protests over George Floyd’s death rage across the nation, Warner Bros. has reacted by making its 2019 film “Just Mercy” which chronicles courtroom struggles against racial injustice and mass incarceration, available to stream for free for the month of June. See how here.

and of course, thank you.

Week 12! How this time has gone fast and slow at the same time. If you want more ideas feel free to go back into the Good Things Archives Here. To all who attended our first Golden Hour yesterday – cheers for making it an amazing event! We hope to do it again, soon. 

I hope everyone is doing ok. Thanks again for looking after our friends and family members when we can’t. We really could not do this without you. 

Art Your Service,


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