June 12, 2020


  • Timely, This feature documentary traces the political career of T.C. (Tommy) Douglas, former premier of Saskatchewan and leader of the New Democratic Party, who was voted the Greatest Canadian in 2004 for his devotion to social causes, his charm and his powers of persuasion. Known as the “Father of Medicare,” this one-time champion boxer and fiery preacher entered politics in the 1930s and never looked back.


  • Curtis Mayfield, who would have turned 78 this week is best known for his smooth, soulful pipes, but he was also one of music’s most prominent social commentators. His success with The Impressions during the Civil Rights movement and later as a solo artist left a huge mark, not just on the African American community, but well beyond. In 1972, he recorded the soundtrack to the blaxploitation crime drama Super Fly, which addressed issues like poverty and drug abuse and became one of his most beloved albums. See his concert from ’72 here. 


  • Josh Crooks is a promising teen hockey star in a sport where Black players like him are chronically underrepresented. Ice Breakers reveals the buried history of a pioneering Black hockey league in Atlantic Canada, as Crooks discovers that his unshakable passion is tied to a rich and remarkable heritage.


  • Take an epic journey in real-time along Ontario’s magnificent Rideau Canal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and North America’s oldest continuously operated canal system. Considered an engineering marvel, discover the Rideau Canal’s rich history, unique culture, and breathtaking beauty in this special TVO Original documentary.


  • An online version of Melville’s magisterial tome: each of Moby-Dick’s 135 chapters read out aloud, by a mixture of voices both the celebrated and the unknown, including Benedict Cumberbatch, John Waters, Stephen Fry, Sir David Attenborough and the late Mary Oliver. Each reading is accompanied by artwork from an international artist such as the late Susan Hiller, Matthew Barney, Fiona Banner, Dexter Dalwood.

and of course, thank you.

Lucky 13! It’s nice it’s summer. My garden has a tunnelling chipmunk known as Chips and a scruffy robin called Punk Rock Bird so it’s nice to have new quarantine pals. 

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For those who are waiting on the recorded version of The Golden Hour, I will be sending it shortly once YouTube stops being uncooperative! 

Thank you for looking after our friends and family members when we can’t. We really could not do this without you. 

Art Your Service,


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