June 19, 2020


  • The first day of summer is a very important occasion at Stonehenge. When the Sun appears over the horizon on the solstice, it appears to line up perfectly with the massive stone structure. This has led some to believe that Stonehenge played an important role in druid solstice celebrations when it was erected between 3500 and 5000 years ago. To watch the special sunrise live from home, head to English Heritage’s Facebook page the morning of June 21 (or, if you’re tuning in from the U.S., the evening of June 20). The sun rises at Stonehenge at approximately 4:52 a.m. local time, so check to see when that is in your area to watch the event live.
  • Speaking of the longest day of the year, ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ is streaming for free on the Globe’s YouTube channel. It’s available for two weeks. What puck! 



  • Speaking of local, The City of Oshawa’s Peony Festival moved online this year. Named one of Ontario’s Top 100 Festivals and Events for eight consecutive years, the virtual festival runs until June 26, with special features including videos of the gardens, expert talks, and gardening tips.




  • Art Your Service will be delivering daily virtual programming FOR FREE online, next month. Want to be part of the free trial? Email me! 
  • Save the date for the next GOLDEN HOUR! July 23rd. I’ll send registering details next week!

and of course, thank you.

Thank you for looking after our friends and family members when we can’t. We really could not do this without you.

#14 and sultry out there in Ontario. My garden has its first rose! I’m also looking forward to bubbling with my parents next month and a kayak down the St. Lawrence River.   

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