June 26, 2020


  • Looking for away to lift yourself out of the mundane? Set aside four minutes to watch this video from the Greater Good Science Center. Put the video in full screen mode and try to give it your full attention. Awe!


  • Building the Perfect Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder! This guy has met his nemesis and he’s out to conquer with his ninja obstacle course. Check out the battle for the birdseed here.  


  • When the pandemic collided with the spring migration, the sounds of the city changed overnight. Here are 13 birds that you can hear right now in New York City. Listen to the birds.


  • The members of Vienna’s Vegetable Orchestra have been playing with their food for more than 20 years. But when they do, it becomes a work of art. These musicians literally play freshly cut vegetables sourced from local markets. And who knew carrots, eggplants, red peppers and other veggies could sound so good? This unique ensemble play a piece they composed just for us, all from their own homes. It’s called “Green Days.” Enjoy.


  • 50 years ago, Billie Jean King vs Margaret Court went head to head: 2 of the greatest players at the time and some would argue of all time. See the full match here, Wimbledon Final 1970. No Spoilers! 


  • In order to help the isolation many seniors are feeling while sheltering at home, AND to help retirement homes and facilities cope during social distancing – Art Your Service will be delivering 2 live, interactive 1hr ZOOM activities a day, for 5 days straight (Monday-Friday). Each day will feature an interactive morning physical class and a creative, mindful afternoon class. The trial takes place on July 13-17, 2020. Want your home to be part of the free trial or know a senior that would? No obligation? Email me!

and of course, thank you.

Thank you for looking after our friends and family members when we can’t. We really could not do this without you.

Number 15! My potatoes and tomatoes are flowering and giving me and the squirrels hope of a harvest. Hope I get there first. 

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Art Your Service,


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