Friday, July 31, 2020


  • Tired of not going anywhere? Kruger National park is doing 2 game drives a day which you can watch live am is 5:30-8:30 and pm is 3:30-6:30 South African times: 
  • And this is a whole list put out by the BBC and takes you to many countries:
  • Want more Check out cool destinations around the world using Google Earth. Explore destinations you’re interested in with Voyager. Try “I’m Feeling Lucky!” to add an element of serendipity to your armchair travel. If you like museums, you can explore art collections from around the world using Google Arts and Culture. Take a virtual road trip and do some armchair travel with Google Maps Street View. 


  • Want to talk to a Big Band about jazz?  Each summer, North York Arts has presented “Summer Serenades”, where Big Bands would play in Mel Lastman Square on Sunday evenings.

    This year that isn’t possible, so they are doing another program called, “Big Band Exchange”. The idea is that the Big Bands who would normally play, will host a kind of online show, where they play recordings of their favourite jazz songs, and talk about memories or anecdotes they have.

    Part of the program is that they would like to speak with people in the GTA community by phone who have an interest in jazz (not live on the show, but as they plan the show) to talk about their favourite songs and memories too. 

    So if you’re interested…The band members would give a call (certain times can be arranged…) and it would be probably a relaxed 15-20 minute conversation. 
    Here is the info:


  • One of our many talented partners in our VCSS (Virtual Classes and Socials for Seniors) is Smile Theatre! They dance and sing in the rain – check out some of their awfully talented serenaders here.


  • Hey mystery fans! The Alfred Hitchcock show is under public domain and all shows can be found here.
  • Into more twisted plots? See all the original Twilight Zone here.


and of course, thank you.

Thank you for looking after our friends and family members when we can’t. We appreciate everything you’re doing!

It’s still a heat wave here in Whitby. All the people and all the plants looking pretty droopy! 

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Art Your Service,


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