Tuesday, August 25th, 2020




  • Why does the Corpse Flower produce a dramatic smell and heat up when it blooms? Join San Francisco’s Conservatory engagement staff featuring first looks at Terra the Titan, a Corpse Flower (Amorphophallus titanum) expected to bloom this month.


  • Discover Digital Doors Open Ontario through the virtual experiences on this page, featuring many of Ontario’s treasured places and the stories behind their doors that draw us together and inspire our strong sense of community – even while we are physically distancing. Virtual experiences for sites on this page include photo tours, virtual tours, videos, searchable collections, and online games and activities.


  • Interested in knowing more about our Virtual Classes and Socials for Seniors? Two classes daily, five days a week, close to  50 hours a month of activities.
  • Try out Chair Pilates for Posture
  • Or my own session on why practising gratitude can help you be happier, naturally: Cultivating Gratitude.
  • Paid and free trial subscriptions available for those on limited budgets. Only $99 per facility or $19.99 per senior/month. See schedule below &
  • Check out our subscription service!

and of course, thank you.

Thank you for looking after our friends and family members when we can’t. 

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