Art Your Service Delivers  Virtual Classes & Socials for Seniors.

With Two Sessions a Day, Five Days a Week.

We Bring Fitness, Creativity, Community & Connection Right into Your Home.


Hello! I'm Jen, Owner and Programmer of Art Your Service.

I started Virtual Classes & Socials for Seniors this August, recognizing that many folks were feeling lonely and disconnected from their normal routines. Many were used to going out into the world to their fitness or art classes where they would see their friends and be social.

Since the pandemic, this has become difficult. With Virtual Classes & Socials there's a way to find that connection and community again - plus pick up some new hobbies and interests on the way!

Subscribers enjoy two daily live, interactive sessions a day (one fitness, one creative) five days a week.

You'll see me a bunch as I host each class and introduce each presenter before they teach their classes.

Then I close each session and moderate any questions anyone may have.

I also host our socials which are a great way to meet new people and chat about common interests. You'll also see me on all the recordings which are available each evening for you to view on your own time.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions about the service, the very easy technology involved to get on board, or if you would like to try a free class.

I look forward to meeting you (virtually!)

Art Your Service,


I must let you know how much we enjoy art and music sessions.  I also enjoy the exercises as they are easy to do and have helped me tremendously.
On behalf of my mom and myself. Thank you for another great week!

- Dawn 

I love the art classes.   I took both of them later on the recorded Zoom. I kind of like it that way.  If I feel like I need more time to catch up I can pause it...
- Margaret Teasdale 
Hi Jen,
I just wanted to express my appreciation for your programs!! I participated today during the Natural Movements for Seniors and it was amazing!
I suffer from back pain and sitting at a desk for long periods aggravates my issues, this session today did a world of good loosening all my tension.
 Thank you!!
- Leanne

The Pilates was great and just what I needed as I had back surgery a month ago.

-Gloria Sutela

Devin is a great instructor and has a great understanding of the movement of seniors. definitely feel the benefits to my body from his teachings!

-Gwen Westgarth


"Many thanks for these classes -- it's good to learn to express oneself this way.  I appreciate your guidance with helpful prompts."

Just wanted to say thank you for all those nice classes that you arrange for us. Being at home is great, but we lack the exercise that we would usually have during normal days, so all the morning exercises that we get, help us a lot.  All your classes are FUN!

Many, many thanks again,

-Houda Batshon

All those classes teaching me to breath, brace, stretch and strengthen.
- Gloria Sutela

"I love the small adventures you take us on each day." -Veronika Brath

This is a wonderful program and service. I hope to one day be able to join live. I so appreciate that I can access the program when I have a chunk of time!

- Marie Keasey



We deliver person-centred, meaningful art and cultural programming that will make you happier and more engaged. Fitness? Check. Creativity? Check. Connection and Community? You bet.

Daily Virtual Classes & Socials – Single Senior

Let us bring your daily activities to you - and help you stay fit and thrive in these difficult times. We offer upbeat and personable classes with instructors who care and have experience working with seniors. Classes like Chair Aerobics, Yoga, Natural Movement for Seniors, Socials, Painting and Nature ...
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Are you a member of C.A.R.P? Well, you can enjoy a 25% discount from our monthly rate.
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