Art Your Service creates meaningful programs and events for seniors.

Our first program, Cultivating Gratitude, has sold to hundreds of retirement and long term care homes in the first year and the feedback has been amazing.

I have gotten amazing feedback from Spiritual Care, OT and nursing that they love the poster size activity pages. It’s an excellent way for patients, staff and visitors to get involved in expressing and reflecting on positive experiences and gratitude!

- Willimina Sit, Toronto Rehab, UHN 


Programs and Services

This year we are expanding our roster to deliver more tangible, easy to roll-out art and cultural programming that will make your seniors happier and more engaged. We know you're busy people and pressed for time. Let us do the programming work for you. You're worth it. Your seniors are worth it.

Cultivating Gratitude

Cultivating Gratitude is a simple yet effective program that has been scientifically proven to increase the happiness of your seniors and improve their health. Cultivating positive emotions makes it easier to experience them naturally. This program in-a-box encourages higher levels of alertness, enthusiasm, determination, optimism and energy. It has ...
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Gratitude Workshop

Ideal for Students and Staff! now offered virtually! Next Webinar: Cultivating Gratitude with Seniors, 11 AM (EST), Saturday, MAY 23, 2020. $25 or Free with purchase of Cultivating Gratitude Program. Register HERE. Art Your Service's Certification Gratitude Workshop teaches you the tools to successfully facilitate gratitude sessions with ...
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Teen Dream (coming soon)

Memory studies have shown that people, especially those suffering from memory loss, remember the time they lived between the ages 18-24 the best. In this new and exciting program-in-a-box first love, hit songs, sock hops, fast cars and poodle skirts are explored through art, music and writing activities. This ...
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Daytime Disco Dances for Seniors

25 pizza boxes full of Gratitude were given away yesterday at the Therapeutic Recreation Ontario's 2018 conference trade show. It was Art Your Service's first conference and I'm still buzzing from meeting all of you amazing, interesting and invested caregivers out there in the field. I was thrilled that people ...
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Weekly Round-Up #15

June 26, 2020 inspiring: Looking for away to lift yourself out of the mundane? Set aside four minutes to watch this video from the Greater Good Science Center. Put the video in full screen mode and try to give it your full attention. Awe! squirrelly:  Building the Perfect Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder! This guy has met his nemesis ...
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