Switch up your programming and keep it entertaining and fresh!

Newly launched this year - the Art Your Service Subscription delivers a fresh, new meaningful seniors program in-a-box to your long-term care or retirement home every 4 months. Your seniors will never be bored again!

See more here: (subscription service link)

Depends on the program, but for sure there are laminated activities & conversation starters you can use with your seniors over and over again.

Add it to your Activity Calendar for groups, use it for 1:1 room visits, over tea & coffee, over happy hour, have your student volunteers run the sessions, the possibilities are endless!

Nope. All our programs have easy to follow instructions that are designed to be rolled out by anyone, easily -whether it be staff, students, caregivers or volunteers!

Although you don't 'need' experience to use this program, certification gives you the science behind gratitude and the tips and techniques to get the most out of cultivating gratitude with seniors. Plus it looks good on your resume! See more here (link to gratitude workshops)

Absolutely! instead of going through the store

email jen@artyourservice.org and we can set you up.